Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bye bye ucas, for another 6 months anyhow

Yes thats right, i got a big fat rejection from liverpool, making 4/4 rejections, dammit. I thought that my interview had gone ok too... Ah well, for next cycle i've only got to refine my interview technique, make my personal statement better and ace the ukcat. Not that much really >.<

In a way im relieved that its over. No more constant email/track checking and no more clock watching for every time half 5 came around ( as that was when decisions were sent out for liverpool). Im pretty sure my academics may have suffered slightly as a result. Still, gotta pick myself up and move on to the next big thing, ie A level exams.

In other news, i finally finished my epq and handed it all in!! On the deadline, but hey, i did it!! It took a while to get going, due to my lack of motivation with it and having interview prep etc too, but i managed to write that essay and do the presentation!! Note to anyone who does it in the future: get it done in the summer of y12. Soon after that ucas and interviews take over and before you know it, you're a week before the deadline and youve only written the title. Its best to do it earlier and not have a mad panic. Trust me on that one.

Now school has finally broken up for 2 weeks, i can finally relax. Well, as much as you can with A levels looming. And how best to start than going to rome for a few days :-D i fly tomorrow and i cant wait. The only problem is i dont know any italian. This is going to go well...

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  1. I'm sorry Hattie :( that sucks, but yes pick yourself up, nail your a levels and apply again next year. Organise yourself an amazing gap year (making sure you are in the country at interview times of course!) so when you look back in the future you will be so glad you had a gap year in the end.

    At my medical school far more people had had a gap year than were straight from school (and an equal number to gap year students were Graduates). Chin up and good luck next year!