Monday, 16 April 2012

The end of the holidays

Tomorrow marks the start of my last ever term at school. Its a weird thought. I genuinely have no idea where the past 13 and a half years has gone. It feels like it was only yesterday I was running around carefree in the playground at my primary school, making up random games and generally being quite annoying. Its quite scary. But also exciting. I think I've outgrown school. I dont think I'll miss it too much. But I will miss some of the people there. Just some. Others I will be very happy to see the back of. And I'm not just talking about the pupils.

But tomorrow also marks the start of  a series of ISAs and EMPAs as part of my A levels. For those of you who dont know what they are, they're basically an experiment (usually completely pointless) followed by a series of questions about the experiment, and others similar to it. They're 'how science works' based. I hate how science works. I never know what they're wanting from me. And, quite frankly, I dont care about how long a paperclip is or what percentage of the iron compounds in a solution are iron ll!! Does anyone?? It definitely doesnt keep me awake at night, thats for sure. Still, 2 more weeks of it, then I dont have to do it again, ever. Now thats worth celebrating!!

So thats it, the easter holidays of 2012 are over. And they've been pretty good. During them, I:
-went to Rome
- passed my driving theory test
- slept a lot
- played laser quest for the first time in years
- did a fair bit of work.
All in all, quite successful, I think.

The next proper break will be in 2 months :D I cant wait.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Back in England!

Im back!!! Rome was amazing!! Its one of those cities you could just wonder around all day and always find new places and be amazed at everything around you. And when you get tired, the food around you is brilliant too!! The only downside to it was the italians driving. You'd cross a road because the pedestrian signal was on green and then when you're halfway across you get cars trying to turn right!! I swear there are blanks in the italian highway code for them to fill in as they wish!! But that was the only downside, and i'd definitely visit again!!

My friend asked me to get her this weeks issue of 'kerrang' magazine while she was on holiday. Naturally, before I gave it to her, I had a quick read of it myself, being a rock fan and all. There was a really interesting article about the 'war against emos' and whether anything has really changed since my chemical romance released their album 'welcome to the black parade' (which, in my opinion, is one of the best albums released) and the daily mail published an article (which I subsequently googled and read and I was appalled) about how listening to 'emo' bands such as my chemical romance and greenday' leads to self harm etc. Its classic daily mail, to create an atmosphere of mass panic, be discriminative and encourage bullying just because some people like listening to emo bands, which apparently causes this self harm. Yes, there may be some people who self harm who listen to emo bands, but at the same time, theres plenty who dont. Across the globe, most recently in iraq, there have been killings of anyone who listened to emo music. Ironically, this kind of behaviour is best summed up in the lyrics to 'teenagers' by mcr. Youtube it. Needless to say, I'm genuinely proud to have been in the same room as the man who lead the chant "F*** the daily mail"!! Ok, rant over.

And as for my future, nothing's changed. Im still working for the grades. Im trying to get a job, but there seems to be like nothing available at the moment. Ah well, just gotta roll with it!